Monday, April 26, 2010

A little girl with a black moustache

I've grown up with cats and they hold a very special place in my heart. We always had at least one cat and at one point we had 7!

I have a lot of memories evolving around cats: going for a walk with my mother and finding a lost kitten in a field, following a friend's cat around to see where she had secretly given birth to her kittens, wishing I could have the same luck and following our male cat around hoping it would also bring me to a cuddly bunch of kittens, sleeping with a range of different cats in my bed, even having one cat sleep under my arm and moving with me to the other side when I do my nightly turning from side to side.

I remember sneaking into a little closet in my childhood home where our cat had given birth to kittens. My mom told me to stay clear of the closet and leave the kittens alone, but how was a little girl supposed to be able to not sneak in for a peek of such small creatures? There are also a range of sad memories of cats having to be put to sleep and others running away.

Me and Karl stayed in Spain for a few months at the end of 2009. We thought we would be finding jobs there and staying for a year, maybe longer. As we thought we would be staying for a longer period we got a wonderful little kitten.

We didn't seem to find any work and had to start planning a return to Ireland and unfortunately had to leave our beloved cat behind. We found her a good home by putting up numerous posters up and down Main Street. A woman who happened to have been born in Ireland but grew up in England saw our posters and was moved by how we seemed to care for our pet we could no longer keep.

I got really fond of Mjau, as we called her, but we had to leave her behind due to safety regulations. Ever since we have gotten back to Ireland, which would be four months now, I have wanted to get a kitten. This weekend I was finally able to see a little furry ball of playfulness run around the house, as me and Karl drove out to the countryside and got Mjau II.

She isn't really called Mjau II, but she still doesn't have a name. Naming a cat is harder than coming up with a new password!


  1. åh, katter som är så speciella. hjärtat bara smälter när man ser en så liten pyttekatt.

  2. Jo, jag håller med. Det är ju helt sjukt att man kan hålla en kattunge i en handflata :D. Katter är det gulligaste som finns!