Friday, April 23, 2010

Pizza Heaven

Finally Friday! I think Friday is my favourite day of the week. You get up early and go to work, slave away all day and then come home. You throw yourself on the couch and chill or maybe go out and do something and when you get home at the end of the day or simply when you decide you have watched enough TV and that it is time for bed, it feels like you have had a very long, productive and rewarding day, with time for both work and play.

I'm currently sprawled out on the couch, digesting my dinner. Karl made pizza tonight, as he was inspired by my very first attempt at making pizza on Wednesday. It turned out very well for me, very tasty actually. The only thing which could have worked out better was the base. The dough seemed very sticky but I thought it would be ok, but it stuck to the paper and we had to scrape/eat the pizza off the paper. I thought it was comical but next time I'll make sure to get it right.

Here are some pictures from our little pizza evenings, starting with mine and then moving on to Karl's.

I like candles. I bought this cute little candle for Karl during Christmas when we were in Spain last year.

I had a drink with my pizza: Bulmers Berry. I recommend, very yummy! Karl is a keen beer enthusiast but didn't have anything to drink, as he is trying to give up smoking and has been off them cold turkey for a week now. Drinking makes him want a cigarette so he is staying away from alcohol as for now.

It looked nice but tasted even better! I put mushrooms, tomatoes, cheddar, mozzarella, sundried tomatoes, black olives, pepperoni and baby spinach on my pizza. I have never liked olives and I had never tried sundried tomatoes before this, but I thought I would try to make a different pizza than what I am used to and try something new. I also used to dislike mozzarella, but after this I think I have become a fan of it.

The pizza might have gotten stuck to the paper... can you The cutlery was in the apartment when we moved here and it is absolutely beautiful. The handles are wooden and painted in black, red and gold. The metal parts are intricately decorated and eating with these utensils makes for happy eating. You can't see them too well, so I will have to get around showing you a better view of them.

Long ice cubes! I would also like to direct your attention to my adorable cherry dress which is peeking through in the shot.

As desert we had plain vanilla ice cream with a treat that my mom sent me from Finland: liquorice sauce! You cannot believe how good this is with vanilla ice cream. She sent me two cartons and we, mostly I, have already finished off the first carton. *Sigh*

Karl doesn't like liquorice too much, but this sauce is just too tasty! It made me a bit sad that he wasn't as crazy about it as I was.

This is Karl symbolizing that the sauce is going to be wonderful, as per request from me as I took the picture.

His base turned out better than mine...

I gave the flour my blessing in the shape of a heart.

And then Karl started working the dough. Punch, roll, kneed...

This is what Karl's pizza looked like. I don't know which pizza I preferred. His had the advantage of not being stuck to paper. The pepperonis were really, really good. I am crazy about them! I only ever eat pepperoni or salami pizza when I go out. Only. Always. Karl's pizza had most of the ingredients I had on mine, excluding the baby spinach and black olives.

And yes, don't tell me - I know I'm bad. A second huge serving of ice cream and, I'm sure, calory rich ice cream sauce. It was totally worth it though. 

I have already watched two episodes of The Office and C.S.I. Las Vegas is on. 

Enjoy your Friday everybody!

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