Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sweet Cuddly Dreams

It is lurking close to bedtime for me. My job requires me to attend my desk between the hours of 07.15 and 16.00, so in order to get the minimum of 7 hours which one is supposed to sleep (and which I most of the time don't, with the exception being weekends when you'll be doing good getting me out of bed before 11.00) I usually hop into bed sometime before midnight.

Tomorrow it is Friday, glorious Friday, and Karl will call a person we have been in contact with in regards to taking on a kitten from them. The little lady we wanted to adopt was still a bit week last week and the couple didn't want to part it from it's mother yet. They told us she was the weakest kitten in the bunch. So as it stands we might be driving out to them this weekend and getting a lovely new member to the family.

So I will not only be sleeping schnuggled up into Karl like our adorable fridge magnet looks to be in it's little basket:

I might also have a kitten this weekend who then will schnuggle into me in the same way. But more about this tomorrow. Now: bedtime.

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