Thursday, April 22, 2010

Welcome to My World

The moment I have been waiting for and which all of you, once you get to know me and maybe start reading my blog, hopefully will realise you have too, is here.

I am inviting all of you to follow me in my life, passions and creativity.

As for an introduction of myself:

My name is Sorella, I'm 21 and I'm currently living in the capital of Ireland. You can find the rest of my family in Finland, as this is where I originally am from. I'm part of a small minority in Finland who have Swedish as their first language so I would go about a normal day speaking Swedish, not Finnish, was it not for the fact I am in Ireland. Surrounded by English speaking people of all sorts of nationalities and having a fiancée who is Irish, I work in a call center doing Swedish (and a lot of English) Technical Customer Support as to not totally forget my mother tongue. I am a self proclaimed nerd and love everything technical and wish to pursue a range of technical certifications whilst also being a qualified and professionally trained seamstress who dreams of becoming a fashion designer, as clothes and designing them has been a passion of mine since I was 9.

I am known to be a major music freak and am interested in listening to a lot of different genres, as well as singing and playing the guitar. My musical role model is Mark Knopfler and not only do I wish to play the guitar like him some day, I also wish to meet him for a cup of tea, or a pint of Bulmers before I die. Having a chat while digging in to a large pepperoni pizza would also not be a problem.

I love to write, love to read, love to photograph. I feel I have a lot of creativity and wish to let it flow in any way possible. I hope you will enjoy taking a part of this journey as much as I will be going on it.


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