Friday, May 28, 2010

Disney Princesses Haunting your Dreams...

I have a thing for fairy tales. I love being swept away into a world of storytelling and wonder. My mother would read me bedtime stories, but they would not be fairy tales, but just normal stories about children, animals, insects and so on. I think this lack of interaction with fairy tales has created such fascination that I have now when I'm older. I found these pictures drawn by Jeffrey Thomas, and thought they were really interesting.

Which one is your favourite? I think Mulan and Pocahontas are my favourites.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Under my Umbrella...

Yesterday was my birthday; I turned 22. I had the day off from work, as did Karl and he had planned a little day of surprises and adventures. I'm feeling a bit under the weather today so I'll tell you all about my birthday tomorrow. In the meantime I will end today with pictures of my little vintage umbrella brooch which I got on eBay. The umbrella goes with my mood. 

Monday, May 24, 2010

Adventures for Scratchy

Yesterday I promised I would put up some pictures of Scratchy's adventures out in the wild and free, so here are some of the pictures I took while she was going crazy.

Rendezvouz on the Lawn

I met Ger and Sam in the canteen at lunch today and we recited what had happened to one and all after we parted on Saturday. We had all gone out into city center but parted ways. Pictures might ensue.
After they had gone back to their respective desks Karl came down and we went outside and sat on the lawn. There were a lot of people sitting on the lawn with us, as the weather still seems to be hanging in there and making people feel happy and summery. 
I was wearing a dress which was too short and had issues trying to keep it in place as I leaned into Karl's chest. It's an artform to wear short skirts and dresses.
I hope the weather will be as warm tomorrow as it was today. Tomorrow just happens to be my birthday and Karl has a surprise day planned for me. 

Sunday, May 23, 2010

How to Spend a Thursday in the Irish Sun

The last few weeks I have been yearning for summer and for warmer temperatures. Weather in Ireland tends to stay mostly the same with winter being of course much colder, but spring, summer and autumn featuring the same lower temperatures. When summer arrives there is still a lot of rain and drizzle and the time I have been in Ireland I have noticed that when it does get warm it only stays for a few days.
You can imagine my delight when on Thursday I come home from work and noticed that the sun was beaming down hot and that there was no breeze.

I dragged a reluctant Karl out onto the backyard lawn along with a duvet cover and pillows. Once outside, armed with a book and leaning back on the pillows, he was happy to be sitting out on the grass.
That morning I had been able to use my new spring coat in the morning. It has been used a few times but never from early mornings, as it has been too cold. It was brought along to our little rest on the lawn as I wasn't sure how soon the weather would turn cold.
I started reading a fantasy book, but had a hard time concentrating as I was too busy enjoying the warm sun and taking photographs.
Karl was on the other hand totally engrossed in his book.
Karl found some Mark Knopfler and Mike Oldfield tunes on his iPhone which he put on in the background. I turned the music off after 10 minutes or so as the silence was very relaxing.
It got cold soon enough and we went back inside. It was nevertheless a very wonderful Thursday.
At some point I brought out Scratchy and spent about an hour playing with her and watching her sneaking around on the lawn and climbing the tree. I took quite a few pictures that are too cute not to share, but as it is getting quite late for me and I need to retire to bed, I will have to post these tomorrow. 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The 2nd and the 5th Will Make You Feel Cozy Inside

I saw an ad on the TV today which made me feel instant love for the people that developed it. It gives me the same feeling as the Swedish totally addictive ICA commercials do. When I see ads like this I am left thinking how hugely successful they must make the brand, as the ads, in me at least, built up an affectionate admiration for them.

The ad I saw was the latest Bulmers commercial, advertising Bulmers Berry Cider. Unfortunately I couldn't find it on Youtube, but you can view it, along with the rest of the adverts in this "series" here. The sizing of the videos is unfortunately rather small, so the magic of it is last a little bit. But...

I will for convenience post some of the advertisements I was able to find on Youtube here, posted in the order they were released, which I was able to tell by the website;

The second and the last ads are utterly wonderful, simply genius!I just LOVE these ads, they should not let go of this concept but instead dearly cling onto it.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Are you Feeling Fruity?

Fulvio Bonavia is an Italian photographer, and even though I have never heard of him before, I instantly fell in love with the pictures as soon as I saw them. He has created items made out of real food and captured them in photographs. The aubergine shoes are simply too cute, but I have to say that I wish I had a raspberry- and blueberry bag.
You can find his website here.

Quote of the Day

My coach uses a khaki and mustard coloured backpack. He has a piece of fabric stitched to it with a text in Italian (he is from Italy). I caught a glimpse of the patch today and asked him what it meant. I fell in love with the quote.
By Saint Augustine:

'Il mondo è un libro. Chi non viaggia ne legge solo una pagina.'
'The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.'

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Asylum Seekers

Me and Karl watched Asulym Seekers tonight. It was an ok, if not surreal movie, that happened to be more visually pleasing than good. You have to admit the pictures are absolutely wonderful.
I LOVE the scene where they are all wearing animal heads. Don't ask me why, but it looks so fanasy like and adorable at the same time.