Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How Do You know if You are Addicted to Cheese?

Why is it that everything me and Karl cook looks exactly the same? Anyways, yesterday I tried to cook up something totally different which I have never made before, so I used this recipe. It was really quick and easy to make and it felt very exotic to go to the store and buy ingredients I have normally never bought and in case of the mascarpone, never even heard of. It turned out really bitter though, so I had to put quite a lot of cheddar in it to soften it up. I also added cherry tomatoes, as I love them. It was very good and I will definately make it again.
Today was a bit more unhealthy (even though Karl said they both probably contained as many calories, as the above recipe had a lot of cheese in it) as Karl talked me into ordering Domino's Pizza. I have to take a moment to declare my love for Domino's Pepperoni Passion Pizza - it is amazing. 

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