Thursday, May 20, 2010

The 2nd and the 5th Will Make You Feel Cozy Inside

I saw an ad on the TV today which made me feel instant love for the people that developed it. It gives me the same feeling as the Swedish totally addictive ICA commercials do. When I see ads like this I am left thinking how hugely successful they must make the brand, as the ads, in me at least, built up an affectionate admiration for them.

The ad I saw was the latest Bulmers commercial, advertising Bulmers Berry Cider. Unfortunately I couldn't find it on Youtube, but you can view it, along with the rest of the adverts in this "series" here. The sizing of the videos is unfortunately rather small, so the magic of it is last a little bit. But...

I will for convenience post some of the advertisements I was able to find on Youtube here, posted in the order they were released, which I was able to tell by the website;

The second and the last ads are utterly wonderful, simply genius!I just LOVE these ads, they should not let go of this concept but instead dearly cling onto it.

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