Saturday, May 8, 2010

One or Two and Chinese Takeaway

Yesterday was payday! One of my teamleaders had their last day yesterday, as he is leaving for eBay. He had his leaving pint at a pub with a cozy outdoor area with jazz playing in the background. Me and Karl were meant to go for one or two, staying until we had to go back as Karl's son was going to be dropped over. 
I used my new heart shaped bag for the first time today.

We wound up sitting upstairs with Samantha and Ger and some other people from Karl's team. Sitting upstairs was nicer, as it was really warm and cozy, unlike the outside area with the chilly wind ruffling through my thin spring coat. 
There were a couple of people from my team showing up, but instead of sitting with them and the person of the hour, we were all sitting upstairs enjoying the atmosphere. I didn't take too many pictures of the night.

We went back home and were lazy and ordered Chinese Takeaway, instead of going around the corner to the restaurant in person. It took over an hour for it to be delivered and we called a few times to check where our food was hiding.
It was worth it! I love Chinese food.

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