Monday, May 24, 2010

Rendezvouz on the Lawn

I met Ger and Sam in the canteen at lunch today and we recited what had happened to one and all after we parted on Saturday. We had all gone out into city center but parted ways. Pictures might ensue.
After they had gone back to their respective desks Karl came down and we went outside and sat on the lawn. There were a lot of people sitting on the lawn with us, as the weather still seems to be hanging in there and making people feel happy and summery. 
I was wearing a dress which was too short and had issues trying to keep it in place as I leaned into Karl's chest. It's an artform to wear short skirts and dresses.
I hope the weather will be as warm tomorrow as it was today. Tomorrow just happens to be my birthday and Karl has a surprise day planned for me. 

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