Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wonderful Things in the Mail

The only bad thing about the apartment I'm living in is the fact that the postman can't deliver packages straight to the door. He actually can, just not to my door. The postman would have to put them into the main hallway, where the landlady would sort the packages out into the correct letterboxes, as the door is opened by a code.
So I have to get packages delivered to Karl's dad's place or to my job. Neither feel like the perfect solution. Karl went over to his dad today and he brought me some treasures which had arrived from different eBay sellers.

There was a cute jewelery box in the shape of a crown, which I had not been able to resist. 
A striped shirt, which resmebles the striped oversized t-shirt dress from the Sonia Rykiel collection for H&M - I prefer this version - and an incredibly cute floral shirt which to me has a bit of a sailor feeling to it.
There was also this absolutely stunning and slightly quirky dress with the cutest floral pattern. It originally cost 105€ - I didn't pay anything even close to that! I love bargains.

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