Sunday, June 13, 2010

Roadtrip Out to the Countryside

The weather was not on our side on Saturday, it was only ok, not warm and fabulous. I wanted to go to a beach, as I yet haven't experienced Irish beaches nor swimming in the (cold?) water, but I had to settle for a drive out to the countryside and a little bit of exploring instead.

Breakfast consisted of fruit juice and a toasted sandwhich with tomatoes, lettuce and cheese.

Then we drove out and took turns, and roads and didn't keep too much track of where we were going.

Karl was the designated driver as I don't have a driver's licence. I was playing papparazzi instead and waited for scenery that was begging to be shot.

We had to stop for petrol and I realiced I'm jealous over Karl's son's freckles as freckles are incredibly adorable.

We saw about five different churches, as Ireland has beautiful churches everywhere.

We wound up in Maynooth. 

We walked around the town and went to a few shops. I found a coat in wool with an oversized collar, perfect in every way, as well as being marked down, but it was a few sizes too small and sleeves/overall fit was a bit off. Good thing to be a seamstress, so you can take pictures of the collar/chest and take a note of how it is made, and maybe create a replica sometime in the future if you happen to have time/wool laying around.

We decided to grab something to eat in a diner in town. At one point about 20 kiddies stormed in with parents and we had to wait for our food for a little extra.

I felt like Minnie Mouse in my stripes and bows.

Karl stole my Dublin jersey, which to be fair, he gave to me a few months back as he thought it looked so good on me.

We met Karl's coach in the same diner. He spent a good while arguing over workrelated things and as he left we headed home.

Testing, 1, 2, 3, testing....

I have wanted to change the layout of my blog for a long time, and since I changed the 3 column layout to a 2 column layout, the proportions have not really been as they should. I have also been thinking for a while I wanted to put some type of picture in the background that is set, while everything else scrolls. You can imagine my excitement when I was looking at the layout settings of Blogger and found that they have now incorporated this design into one of the options! Not only this, but they have made it incredibly easy to change the width of the columns! You cannot believe the frustration I have had googling and reading, as well as asking for help on the Blogger help page, regarding the width and pixels of the layout. Now I can change this by moving a button to the left and right. So as for now, I have set a picture in the background that I thought wasn't too distracting, but I will see if I can find something which I like better, which is more me, within the near future.

So, after this is fixed, now the only thing which is left for Blogger to do, is to solve the huge issues that can arise when you want to upload pictures and move these around.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Jersey Girl in Dublin on a Friday

In my workplace they tend to arrange a lot of charity activities. Some of these activities do not appeal to me, or are difficult to do (no, I won't shave my hair, and even if I would cut it or dye it, I don't think I would get too many sponsors for doing this).
This Friday they had arranged Jersey Friday where everybody who wanted to donate one euro for the charity du jour should show up to work wearing a football jersey. They would then go around collecting the small fee from everybody that was sporting (hehe) said jersey.
I wore my Dublin jersey and was proud in doing so as a) I like the design b) I know the colours/design suits me really well and c) it's a Dublin jersey and I have formed a sort of bond with Dublin. They never went around collecting the single feeble euro though, as neither me nor Karl were ever approached for it. I am finally participating and they will not take my money? Shame, SHAME on them, I say!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

And then I turned 22...

I don't know where all the days and time went, and I don't know where my Birthday posting went. Here are anyways the pictures from my 22nd birthday. Karl had planned a day of little events, which in the end wasn't even followed, as we went to bed too late the night before, got up too late and left the apartment too late. It was still a nice day though!

He woke me up to breakfast in bed. And yes, that is an awful lot of fruit in one serving.

The kittie ruined half a roll of toilet paper and was darn cute in the process of it.

We took the car and drove...

There was a group of majestic trees that faded into a number of different colours. I couldn't believe how beautiful they were. the trainstation and took the train in to city centre.


I found a smiley on the tray in front of me on the train.

We walked and walked and I didn't know where we were or where we were going.

The weather was wonderful and I saw colourful things that made me happy.


 We walked by a bar I want to visit some day.


After only getting lost once, we came to the Botanical Garden.


There were loads of beautiful flowers everywhere and the sun was warming my skin as we walked around.


I had never been there before. I fell in love with the greenhouses which looked like mystical Victorian greenhouses.

We found a rainforest in one of the greenhouses. It was very damp and it felt like it was raining. I didn't bring an umbrella!


We also found a jungle hut!

There was a room of cactuses. I told Karl I had heard you can drink water which can be found in a cactus and that this can be a life saver if you are in the desert. Could anybody tell me where I can buy cactus water? Or rather, where I can buy a 6 foot long cactus?!

Karl had wanted to have a picnic in the Botanical Garden, but as I mentioned previously, we had not kept to our "schedule" and left things too late. Instead we said "Goodbye" to the gates and took a bus further into the city.


We made a spontanious stop at a was exhibition. I was a bit doubtful, but Karl persevered.


We saw beautiful paintings in inspiring colours.


I was held up at gun point.

And saw beautiful gowns up close. 


Karl turned into an evil gangster and tried to shoot me down.


We saw the Simpsons.

And I found Santa locked into a container with windows. There was a little mailslot with his email address also listed.

We went to Starbucks. I have never been to Starbucks before. Ordering made me nervous as the titles were quite long and complicated. The coffee with a 45 character-long-name was pleasant but not as good as the Cinnamon bun.

We walked around the city. I enjoyed being back in city center. Dublin is a beautiful city. I like the heartbeat of the city.


We thought about going to the movies or going for something to eat. It got rather chilly though and we wound up taking the train home.

We ordered Domino's and some creamcake which Karl had made the night before. There are no pictures of neither pizza nor cake, as they were gone before you could have blinked twice.

P.S. I have almost given up trying to align all of the pictures and removing all the extra space between them. Blogger doesn't want to grant me the pleasure of getting it right.