Saturday, June 12, 2010

Jersey Girl in Dublin on a Friday

In my workplace they tend to arrange a lot of charity activities. Some of these activities do not appeal to me, or are difficult to do (no, I won't shave my hair, and even if I would cut it or dye it, I don't think I would get too many sponsors for doing this).
This Friday they had arranged Jersey Friday where everybody who wanted to donate one euro for the charity du jour should show up to work wearing a football jersey. They would then go around collecting the small fee from everybody that was sporting (hehe) said jersey.
I wore my Dublin jersey and was proud in doing so as a) I like the design b) I know the colours/design suits me really well and c) it's a Dublin jersey and I have formed a sort of bond with Dublin. They never went around collecting the single feeble euro though, as neither me nor Karl were ever approached for it. I am finally participating and they will not take my money? Shame, SHAME on them, I say!!

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