Saturday, September 18, 2010

Food, Laughter and Family does the Soul Good

This weekend will be spent quietly at home so I can show you what I was up to last weekend instead. 

Me and Karl went to the Laughter Lounge in city center. We bought our tickets through work as there was a group event organized. The Laughter Lounge is a stand up comedy club with three different locations. 

You can find their website Here.

I wore a lovely short 50s style dress in a bright green pattern and draped on a scarf. 

We took the bus into Dublin. There was rain pouring down so we took shelter under some wines by the busstop.

My new bag got a bit of rain damage but fortunately dried up.

In the Laughter Lounge we got a free cocktail each that quite frankly was a bit disappointing. They were a bit lukewarm and I would be surprised if there was any alcohol in them. Our fingerfood went down quicker and was absolutely tasty though! Don't ask me why there is a pen in the picture...

It felt like we were waiting forever for the acts to start and the room was very warm with the big spotlights bruning from above.

The laughing lounge chair in the club's logo looks like one of Karl's co-workers, which we all thought was incredibly funny. 

There was a surprising large amount of people from work present but only a few people from my team.

The evening was very lovely and even though I don't have any pictures from the comics (no cameras allowed) I was laughing heartily and the standup comics were genuinly funny and talented. At the end of the night Paul Sinha performed. I hadn't heard of him before but he is apparently quite well known.

He talked about having his own special niche as he is an Asian/British gay standup comedian that is a trained GP. I think I enjoyed his act the most out of the four comedians we saw. At the end of the night he talked about how he has been single since, I think it was 2001, as he travels quite a lot.

He surprised us all by starting to describe the love of his life, and it turned out to be a person sitting right in front of me - somebody from work! As the crowd cheered on Paul took a picture of him with his mobile phone and they exchanged some flirtatious remarks. At the end of his act he went over and hugged the guy and they also kissed on the lips.


The next day we had a big family dinner. Karl's dad, sister and brothers came along, with husbands, wifes and girlfriends also present. There were two pregnant women in the room but otherwise the kids had bee left at home with babysitters.

I was too busy helping Karl in the cooking and cleaning to take pictures and after it was finished too engrossed in eating it to bother bringing out my camera. We had a traditional Sunday roast dinner though, with mashed potatoes, croquettes, boiled vegetables and a lovely piece of meat. For desert there was a huge trifle that we all wolfed down.

We went out for drinks and went to a few different pubs. I enjoyed drinking Kopparberg's new cider: Strawberry & Lime. If you haven't tried this I feel it is my duty to highly recommend it, as it's very, very nice!

We sat around talking about everything and anything. Karl, Tony, Paul, Mark, Karen, Corina and Tony.

My playing cards cardigan from H&M and a lovely suede bag from Topshop got to follow me out for the night.

The chairs were very comfortable! I also loved the floors.

This particular bar was very colourful and there were posters, paintings in bold colours hanging

We were sitting in a corner at the end of the bar, in a little enclosement, so we could be loud and obnoxious without bothering the other people.

Everybody had their own different favourite drink. I stuck to my Strawberry & Lime.

We went to three different pubs and at the end of the night I was very tired. At one point I was leaning my head on the table, just wishing everybody else would get tired so we could get home. A few people stayed over and slept in our spare room and on the livingroom couch.

I felt it was a very nice night. I got to know Karl's family a bit more and felt I opened up a bit more and became less shy. It can be a bit difficult when you have to get to know somebody's family and you're pushed into a tight group of people that have all known each other for a long time and have memories and things in common, but this night was very nice for me.

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