Saturday, October 16, 2010

Curls, lashes and flimsy dresses

It isn't just Lindsay Lohan that has been featured a lot in the media lately, her younger sister Ali has also had her fare share of attention. While I feel sorry for Lindsay and the personal struggles with alcohol and drugs she is faced with, I am hoping that if Ali is spared the same rough road. 
The latest attention brought on to the younger Lohan sister comes from the pictures shot for the new 6126 Spring/Summer 2011 collection that the Lohans are releasing.
While I find first image incredibly cute and Ali looking absolutely stunning, some of the images are a bit... inappropriate and just a tad cheap (vacuum marks on the carpet much?). I know that there have been younger models (she's 16) posing for far racier shots, but knowing that Dinah, their mother, usually hovers in the background, I am asking myself if I would let my underage daughter pose in a see-through jumper with her underwear on display, whilst wearing high heels and standing on her knees? Surely there were classier ways of styling this photoshoot, or is this the kind of look that they want the target audience to strive for?
Visit my favourite gossip blog for the rest of the shots. You can find the link Here.

What do you guys think of the images?

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