Monday, November 29, 2010

Strumming, Fingering and Playing my Baby

Me in a very grainy webcam image -  July, 2007

Speaking of guitars... I should start playing again. I have a beautiful Fender Stratocaster that I bought after working in a bakery for an entire summer. It was early shifts and dreadfully monotone work, but I knew what I was saving up for; a real Fender!

I only worked two or three days per week, but at the end of the summer I had just enough to buy a second hand Fender online, as well as a little amplifier.

The guitar has been a very dear friend to me over the few years I have had it, and it was one of the very few things that followed with me to Ireland. I bought the guitar on a Finnish auction site and I can remember the excitement of going to the post office to collect it, rushing home (as much as you can rush when you are carrying a heavy, bulky item) and carefully, carefully opening the package with a knife. I was amazed at finally holding and owning my very first guitar, and I carefully explored and caressed every inch of it. Going to bed that night, I placed the guitar in the middle of the room and had troubles falling asleep, as I couldn't stop myself looking at it.

Now my guitar is feeling lonely and I need to start playing it again. I think I will make it one of my New Year's Resolutions to start playing again!

Melancholy and Guitar Riffs

I don't know anybody that doesn't like this song. It's very dreamy and it has very nice guitar riffs. I never noticed this until I heard it performed live on TV. The song also has a very nice chorus that is good for singing along with.

Which one will it be for you, air-guitaring frantically or singing your heart out?

Knitted Cardigans and Glittery Ballerinas

 I found a few parcels waiting for me in my letterbox when I came home from work today: eBay parcels! It felt like Christmas as I was unwrapping items left and right, with paper being torn to pieces all around me.

I got a grey knitted skirt and cardigan set which I need a pair of mustard coloured tights for.

There were two 60's inspired dresses.

There were two adorable skirts which Scallywag felt like inspecting. Scallywag hasn't been introduced to you before, but as she has appeared I will have to do so soon!

The short grey skirt has a pleat at the hem, decorative stitching and pockets! The other skirt is in teal and has pleating at the front; a schoolgirl skirt!

I also stole Dorothy's shoes, as these glittery ballerinas found their way home to me. 

With only 2/7 items being in crazy, eyecatching patterns, I feel that I have brought a few badly needed basic items into my wardrobe. 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Snowflakes and a Night Sky

 Ireland does usually not have snow, and the temperatures do not usually drop down too low either. I have been in Ireland for two years and experienced snow during my first winter here. The snow only lasted a couple of days and unfortunately did not return at any later stage of the winter.

I was very excited to see snow as it made me feel like I was home in Finland. Ireland is a very nice country, but it can become a bit dull to constantly have the either lukewarm or nippy weather, with the drizzles and showers of rain making frequent appearances.

This evening I looked out the window and to my amazement I saw snow! I had to rush out and take some pictures of the landscape being covered in a light layer of beautiful snow.

I really hope the snow will still be there tomorrow when I wake up! I might make a snowball lantern or a snowman.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bows, Midnight Blue Velvet and Autumn Leaves

I like ballerinas; they're comfortable, cute and practical. 
I love bows; they're cute, they're amazing, and I can't get enough of them!

Imagine my reaction when I saw the above midnight blue velvet ballerinas with bows!

They're perfect, perfect, perfect and I truly love them! I even bought two pairs as I knew that I will be wearing them so much that I need a second pair to console my lonely feet when the others have been worn to rags. They were purchased from Primark, and they were on a sale, so they were only 3 €. I'm already starting to regret I didn't get three pairs...

While we are on the subject of wonderful shoes that have my heart beating, I can show you another pair that I have recently bought. They are black Mary Janes from Asos, with a small wedge heel and bows in the front. They make the clicking noise of heels when you walk in them, even though they feel more like ballerinas than heels.

My feet are in heaven!

How Many Roses Equals a Smile?

I have been really stressed at work lately. I recently got promoted and in my new position the workload is divided between me and another person. This person has been on a company provided training opportunity to become a Team Leader. This means that I - the new person - has had to deal with double workload, and I am finding it very stressful. There is too much work to be done, and everybody is tugging at me, wanting things to be done. Not only do I find myself swamped with a lot of work, but I am expected to also train a new person, starting in the same position as me on another team.

I felt a lot of pressure today, so I asked Karl if he could get me a surprise to cheer me up. I said to him that it could be however small; chocolate, strawberries and cream, a cute candle covered with pictures of kittens... as long as it would be a nice surprise!

He came home with flowers! Roses, unidentifiable purple flowers and two lilies.

The flowers did not only make me happy and cheer up our living room, but they made Kitty very fascinated, as she kept smelling them.

Drinking Cider in the Dark

We have a pub right across the road from us, and there are another four or five pubs just around the corner. It's handy to live on a main street... in Ireland!

Karl felt like having a drink or two yesterday, and headed out to one of our local pubs.

After a while he sent me a text message and asked me to join him, so I got dressed and headed out.

The place had a really nice atmosphere and was semi-dark but quite lovely. 

We sat at a quiet table (in the quiet pub) and had a drink or two, while reading the newspaper he had bought. 

Spending a Wednesday night the Irish way!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Too Much of a Good Thing?

Do you ever take a good look at your closet and suddenly realize that you have nothing to wear?

It tends to happen to me a lot: Whenever I find myself standing in front of my wardrobe a few seconds too long, I realize with panic that it is filled with dresses and skirts in a variety of bold and colourful patterns, but lacking any form of basic garments that could actually be mixed together.

To Do List:

1. Buy a LOT of hangers. Clothes need hangers. Too few hangers. Buy. Hangers.
2. Buy shirts, tops, blouses. Closet contains very few of these. If blouses were air, my closet would be suffocating.
3. Buy BASIC items in neutral colours!
4. Consider purchasing neutral accessories to blend and mix well with basic garments.
5. Find out what "trousers" and "pants" are.

What would your Wardrobe To Do List look like?

Stripes O-hoy

It's getting colder here in Ireland, so there is a need for layering. The mittens and thicker scarves have come out as well. This is what I wore today while trying to keep warm.

Those are my new boots playing peekaboo in the corner!

If I layer, I like to wear items that are not too heavy or thick, and that can easily be taken off. I'm always cold (even though I'm from Finland) but I get too warm quite easily as well, so I need to be able to take them off if the need arises

I know that there is a commonly accepted rule that diagonal stripes are unflattering, especially for larger people. I am a curvaliscious girl but I don't see anything wrong in wearing stripes of all colours that are going in all directions. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Versatile Blogger

Antonia from Swedish Love Affair passed me The Versatile Blogger Award! I now have to dazzle you with 7 (random) things about myself, and pass the award onwards to 7 other bloggers which recently have become noteworthy in my books.

Here goes:

1. I am a highly skilled eBay shopper that hand out instructions to friends, coworkers as well as semi-strangers on how to search, buy and sell items.
2. I sneeze when I chew gum.
3. I'm a mezzo soprano.
4. I was told in 8th grade by my metal shop teacher that I'm a great welder!
5. My name is Italian and means "Sister". I got my name when my dad heard the word in an Opera.
6. I cry quite easily from movies, TV series, commercials, Youtube videos...
7. I have never broken any part of my body (except my heart which has been broken numerous times), but I was attacked by dogs when I was younger.

I would like to pass my award to these wonderful blogettes:

Coffee Girl, En etta i ParisEndlessness Ego, Om KärlekParis in PinkRosettflickan, What I Wore.

Thank you to Antonia for giving me the honor of this award. It was my first, I'm sure to remember you!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Saturday Night Falling About

When I first moved to Ireland, I moved into a nice little house near my job. The landlord was living in the house; his name was Jonathan, he was in his 30's and he was a police officer. There was one more person living in the house, her name was Pilvi and she was working in the same company in which I would be starting. 

Pilvi and me have not seen each other for a while, as I was in Spain for a few months last year, and she has been away travelling for a year. She recently came back and last Saturday was the first time we got together. We decided to meet up and have Anni joining us. Anni and Pilvi are from the same town in Finland, and I know Anni from work, as she is working on the same Team as me. 

This is what we got up to last Saturday. 

We all met up at Pilvi's apartment. 

We had a few glasses of wine...

...while Pilvi was getting ready and doing her makeup...

Anni had a wonderful fur hat that I looked stupid in.

And I was goofing off.

I tried Blossom Hill for the first time. A bit bitter, but otherwise nice. 

Anni kept telling us to not take pictures of her, but nobody was listening.

After a few glasses of wine and everybody dressed appropriately, we headed out.

We probably disturbed the other people living in the complex, as the lobby was filled with laughter. 

It was supposed to be a Girls Night Out, but Pilvi made plans for her boyfriend to join us. 

She tried to make it up by handing out kisses.

We headed over to Hard Rock Café. I had never been there before, but even though they were closing, it looked nice. 

We met two Irish guys that were probably hitting on us but they were a nice laugh. They informed us that me and Anni were working for their biggest competitor but we had never heard of the company they were working for. It was a Japanese company that makes printers. Beats me...

Pilvi's boyfriend joined us, that's him at the end. I forgot hims name though...

Pilvi got me a cocktail. It was yummy and very cheap!

We were going to go to a gay bar, but as I didn't have any ID with me, they did not let us in.

We headed over to The Mezz instead. 

Anni was excited. 

As was Pilvi and her boyfriend.

I'm incredibly jealous of Anni's incredibly clear skin.

Although, they are probably jealous of my height. 

Me and Anni didn't particularly like the place, so we decided to go to Doyles and do some dancing. We left Pilvi and her boyfriend to be cozy and lovey dovey on their own.

Unlike other places in Dublin that close at 02.00 or 02.30 in the morning, Doyles was open until 03.30. I was pretty tired and didn't know how Anni could keep going. She was like an Energizer Bunny. 

Karl picked me up as the place was closing and I slept deeper than I have done in a long time.