Sunday, November 7, 2010

Creepy Crawly Costumes with Lashes and Pearls

There was an employee Halloween party arranged from work. The office had reserved a floor of a bar that had at least three floors. The ground floor was reserved for employees only until 10.30, when others were let in. 

It was a great party and I had loads of fun. It was also the first time in the 9 months I've been there, that I went to one of the office arranged parties. It was fun to see everybody in a more relaxed environment, and it's always fun to see what kind of get ups everybody were in! I really liked my costume, and Karl had actually won the competition at work, with his get up. I won't give any details away yet on what we were dresses up as, I'm trying to find the pictures so I can post them. I may have deleted them as I've looked in all my gazillion folders and subfolders, so it will then be the case of trying to restore the pictures from my memory card. 

Keep your fingers crossed, as there were a few fun shots from that evening. In the meantime I will share some costumes of some of the bloggers I enjoy reading. 

Which one is your favourite? Did your costume beat these? 


  1. Nyfiken på din outfit! Men också på Karls, eftersom han vann hela grejen! Och tack för att jag fick vara med här, jättesnällt av dig=)
    Jag gillar nog The Cherry Blossom Girl mest, hon hade ju så många olika (jag följde länken)!

  2. Jag tyckte att du passade in här bland alla andra, så fin som du var :D.

    Jag hittade mitt andra minneskort som jag klantigt nog hade glömt bort att jag hade. Alla bilder kvar, så i kväll blir det Halloween bilder!

    Jag tyckte att The Cherry Blossom Girl hade en rolig idé, speciellt som MAC har släppt Disney villains limited edition makeup kit. Men mest tror jag att jag tycker om den sista :P. Man ser direkt vem det är och det var lite finurligt att klä upp som så, jag skulle aldrig ha tänkt på det.

  3. Himla tjusiga bloggerskor detta!
    Måste dock påstå att min outfit slog dessa med hästlängder :)

  4. these pictures are really cool!