Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eight Shades of Facebook

I haven't changed my Facebook profile picture in 15 months, since I was really pleased with the Pin Up type shot I took and fell in love with. I finally put a new picture as my profile picture tonight so I was inspired to share the few images that have been features as my profile picture over the years.

I haven't changed it too often, as I'm sure you can see (how long I've been a member of Facebook is a whole other topic, but probably not too long compared to some) but here they are anyways, in chronological order, starting with the most recent one.

[Picture of Anni and I removed to accommodate Anni :).]

This one is from Saturday night when I went out with Pilvi and Anni. I will put up pics from our night soon!

I used to be very much into rockabilly and the 50's. I still am but my style is also still changing. 

I love the freckles! They appeared after I had spent a lot of time in the sun while on holiday. I usually don't have freckles (that are noticeable anyway) so I enjoyed seeing cute dots on my nose!

This is taken while I was on holiday in Spain, Salou.

 This picture is taken in a little cute Italian restaurant in City Center.

This one stands out by being the only image which is taken by a webcam, instead of a digital camera. 

 This picture is really old, it's from the first few months in Ireland.

What about you, how often do you change your Facebook profile picture? More than me or less?


  1. You and your friend both have cool hats!

  2. Du har ju otroligt fina ögon! (som växlar mellan starkt blå och jättegrönt på olika bilder)

  3. *Rodnar* så snällt. De är nog gröna, ibland ser de mörkare ut i skugga etc.

    Dina ögon är också annars väldigt fina :D. Du har höga kindben också :).