Thursday, November 25, 2010

How Many Roses Equals a Smile?

I have been really stressed at work lately. I recently got promoted and in my new position the workload is divided between me and another person. This person has been on a company provided training opportunity to become a Team Leader. This means that I - the new person - has had to deal with double workload, and I am finding it very stressful. There is too much work to be done, and everybody is tugging at me, wanting things to be done. Not only do I find myself swamped with a lot of work, but I am expected to also train a new person, starting in the same position as me on another team.

I felt a lot of pressure today, so I asked Karl if he could get me a surprise to cheer me up. I said to him that it could be however small; chocolate, strawberries and cream, a cute candle covered with pictures of kittens... as long as it would be a nice surprise!

He came home with flowers! Roses, unidentifiable purple flowers and two lilies.

The flowers did not only make me happy and cheer up our living room, but they made Kitty very fascinated, as she kept smelling them.

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