Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Is there an End to this Madness?

The sore throat I woke up with on Monday has escalated into a full on fever and cold. The fever has gone down a bit, but I still didn't feel well enough to go into work this morning. I'm definitely going into work tomorrow as I can't loose any more days from work. In the meantime I can show you what it's been like staying home sick.

 I have been a good girl and had hot drinks.

 Despite feeling and to some degree probably also looking awful, I've still found the time to do my makeup.

 Since Karl only stayed home sick on Monday I've had to wait until he came home in the evening for our schnuggles and movies.

 It was done in bed, of course.

 I've had a lot of cough drops.

 And sometimes felt like I've been suffering just as much or if not more than the characters in the movie...

 There's been sleeping...

And even more sleeping...

It's currently 13.34 and it looks as if it's time for me to (temporarily?) get out of bed and maybe have some breakfast.


  1. Oh nej, stackars dig! Hoppas att du inte har feber imorgon, eller i alla fall att du inte behöver gå till jobbet i så fall! Älskar såna här dagar i bilder, strongt av dig att ha gjort det!
    Krya på dig!

  2. Poor thing, feel better :)

  3. Thanks for the well wishes, I sure need them ^_^.