Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Roads lead to Bray

I decided against staying home an additional day and instead ventured my way into work this morning. The day went by very quickly and it feels like a special reward that it's Thursday, as this means I only have to work another day and then the weekend is here!

When I came home it was raining, as it tends to do that a lot in Ireland. I don't think I'll be up to anything special this weekend, instead we can have a look at a wonderful sunny weekend two months ago, which found me, Karl and his son on a beach in Bray.

I saw a new part of the country I hadn't seen yet!

The weather took us by surprise and it was still warm when we got to Bray, even though it was around 4 PM.

We thought Kittie would like the beach as well. I think the other people on the beach liked her more than she did the beach.

Everybody else had thought it was a great idea to go to the beach as well...

I got to use my new candy coloured sunglasses!

None of our towels matched.

Karl was boring and didn't want to get into the water. Instead he pointed himself out as the babysitter for Kitty.

Karl's son Karl was captured in one of my favourite pictures I've taken.

The beach didn't have sand, but instead a million rocks in different sizes, shapes and nuances. 

My trusted flip flops.

Kitty seemed to prefer to sit in our beach bag than on our towels...

The rocks declared their love for me.

The lights winked at me.

And the houses made me feel like I was in a 50's movie about a girl that falls in love with a sailor.

Kitty schnuggled up against me on the drive back...

But also found time to enjoy the view from the dashboard...

...while I was playing James Bond in the mirror...

Kitty decided there was a better view from the back.

It was a bit dark by the time we got home but it was a very enjoyable day. The water wasn't too warm, but as it's Ireland I wasn't expecting it to be either. I was the only brave one that actually dared to lower myself into the water that day.

It was fun to seize the warm weather and I got to see a bit more of Ireland and become more acquainted with Bray.

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  1. Åh trodde nästan först att detta var idag och blev förvånad hur snabbt du blev frisk=) Kul att du känner dig bättre idag! Också, roligt att katten är med på stranden=)
    Om du föredrar att jag kommenterar på eng så är det bara att säga till!