Sunday, November 21, 2010

Saturday Night Falling About

When I first moved to Ireland, I moved into a nice little house near my job. The landlord was living in the house; his name was Jonathan, he was in his 30's and he was a police officer. There was one more person living in the house, her name was Pilvi and she was working in the same company in which I would be starting. 

Pilvi and me have not seen each other for a while, as I was in Spain for a few months last year, and she has been away travelling for a year. She recently came back and last Saturday was the first time we got together. We decided to meet up and have Anni joining us. Anni and Pilvi are from the same town in Finland, and I know Anni from work, as she is working on the same Team as me. 

This is what we got up to last Saturday. 

We all met up at Pilvi's apartment. 

We had a few glasses of wine...

...while Pilvi was getting ready and doing her makeup...

After a few glasses of wine and everybody dressed appropriately, we headed out.

We probably disturbed the other people living in the complex, as the lobby was filled with laughter. 

It was supposed to be a Girls Night Out, but Pilvi made plans for her boyfriend to join us. 

We headed over to Hard Rock Café. I had never been there before, but even though they were closing, it looked nice. 

We met two Irish guys that were probably hitting on us but they were a nice laugh. They informed us that me and Anni were working for their biggest competitor but we had never heard of the company they were working for. It was a Japanese company that makes printers. Beats me...

We were going to go to a gay bar, but as I didn't have any ID with me, they did not let us in.

We headed over to The Mezz instead. 

Me and Anni didn't particularly like the place, so we decided to go to Doyles and do some dancing. We left Pilvi and her boyfriend to be cozy and lovey dovey on their own.

Unlike other places in Dublin that close at 02.00 or 02.30 in the morning, Doyles was open until 03.30. I was pretty tired and didn't know how Anni could keep going. She was like an Energizer Bunny. 

Karl picked me up as the place was closing and I slept deeper than I have done in a long time.


  1. Vad kul ni verkar ha haft! Älskar de bilderna på golvet, hur kom ni på det?=)) Blir också nyfiken på hur lång du egentligen är! Jag är rätt kort, kan man säga=)

  2. Anni satte kameran helt spontant (eller vad vet jag, kanske hon fotograferar på golvet hela tiden, hahaha) och sen slängde vi oss ner på golvet. JÄTTE KUL :D. Du måste testa nån gång :D.

    Jag är 181-182 cms, dvs. en dinosaurie. Speciellt när jag har klackar :P. Hur lång/kort är du?