Thursday, November 11, 2010

Vampires, Ghosts and an Anime Character

The time has finally come for me to share my Halloween pictures! I've been a bit stressed at work the last couple of days so I've been keeping away from any sort of interaction with civilization and instead spending a lot of time doing basic human needs like eating and sleeping in my past time. 

I was dressed up as an anime character.My make up took 45 minutes to do and I was rather proud of it. It didn't want to stay on too well in some areas though and I had to keep touching it up.

The office party was at a place called The Howlin' Moon. Once we arrived at the bar, we met up with lovely Sam and Ger, they both work on Karl's desk. Sam didn't want me to take any pictures of her so I had to settle of one of her cute shoes.

The bar was made up in a "scary" way. It looked ok but looked dreadful (in a bad way) once caught on picture. I guess the darkness and people being drunk was supposed to do the most of the effect. It was a decent place though. I noticed that the chandeliers seemed to had real cobwebs, no extra effects needed there...


Tuula crept up behind me at some point of the evening and totally blew me away with her cosume. Had I not heard her speak, I would not have recognized her. I think she had the best costume of the evening!


Karl was dressed as TwoFace. His costume consisted of a cheap looking jacket which was bought from a costume shop, and a little project of a shirt; I took two of his shirts and I cut them in half and sew them together. It pays off to be dating a seamstress.


I was attacked by a spider!


Sam was dressed as an evil witch and Ger was portraying Mario. His feet looks like dwarf feet in this picture. We all thought it was hilarious, as the costume made him look very small to begin with, as he was drowning in it.


Tuula found time to pose with her pals.


Stefano who works in the 2nd Level Team was dressed up as a vampire!


This is.... well, I have no idea who this is. I was going to take a picture of a great costume that a girl was wearing, but then the Joker walked by and watermarked my picture.

There aren't too many pictures from later that evening, as I was too busy dancing. I was enclosed in a very little pocket of excistance, between happy, dancing people, dancing my own heart away. I am sure I'm not the best dancer and I probably looked stupid, but this was not any type of worry for me at the time. It's been quite a long time since I've been dancing and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I hope you had as much fun during Halloween as I did!


  1. Jag tyckte faktiskt din outfit var bäst! Förstår inte hur du kunde sminka dig själv, man måste ju blunda hela tiden! Fantastiskt och man ser direkt vad du är. Karls var fyndig, gillade det där med håret lite extra=) haha, vad fick han för pris?
    Vampyrer är poppis, Hannes var också vampyr. Med en exakt samma mantel:D

  2. wow amazing!!! looks like so much fun! I LOVE YOUR EYESHADOW soooo creative :-)

    xoxo BB

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  4. Så kul, tackar tackar :D. Har självklart accepterat den och postat den :D.