Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Versatile Blogger

Antonia from Swedish Love Affair passed me The Versatile Blogger Award! I now have to dazzle you with 7 (random) things about myself, and pass the award onwards to 7 other bloggers which recently have become noteworthy in my books.

Here goes:

1. I am a highly skilled eBay shopper that hand out instructions to friends, coworkers as well as semi-strangers on how to search, buy and sell items.
2. I sneeze when I chew gum.
3. I'm a mezzo soprano.
4. I was told in 8th grade by my metal shop teacher that I'm a great welder!
5. My name is Italian and means "Sister". I got my name when my dad heard the word in an Opera.
6. I cry quite easily from movies, TV series, commercials, Youtube videos...
7. I have never broken any part of my body (except my heart which has been broken numerous times), but I was attacked by dogs when I was younger.

I would like to pass my award to these wonderful blogettes:

Coffee Girl, En etta i ParisEndlessness Ego, Om KärlekParis in PinkRosettflickan, What I Wore.

Thank you to Antonia for giving me the honor of this award. It was my first, I'm sure to remember you!


  1. Oh thank you darling! Känner mig lite förvirrad här huruvida jag ska svara på svenska eller engelska, hihi. Fixar ett finfint inlägg med ze award när jag har lite mer tid. Och hur tusan lyckas man sneeze med tuggummi? :P

  2. Svenska går helt bra, det gör engleska också :D.

    Jo, det är lite kul att jag börjar nysa när jag tuggar tuggummi :D. Närman först börjar tugga ett tuggummi så känns det lite sött och saftigt och ganska starkt, och av någon orsak får det här mig alltid att börja nysa :P.