Sunday, November 7, 2010

What Makes you think we Robbed the Supermarket?

Yesterday was payday. Do you know what that means?

The first food shopping spree of the month!

We only got a few things, as you can see... 

It also means that noodles are no longer on the menu and you can prepare a damn tasty meal!

The meal has to be covered in gravy and devoured within 15 minutes. It has to leave you dying on the couch afterwards.

That is just as well, as you are supposed to have an enjoyable few drinks and schnuggle up in the dark.

I stuck to the best cider I've tasted; Kopparberg's new Strawberry & Lime.

Karl stuck to red wine.

We had a nice, quiet but yummy evening.

Today I'm left on my own as he is with his family for a family dinner. I was invited too but I'm still feeling sick and I have a very chesty cough. I didn't want to ruin everybody's appetite with my coughing.

I hope your weekend has been enjoyable too!

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