Friday, November 5, 2010

When did the Autumn Come?!

Me and Karl went home today for our lunch break. It's very handy to live a 10 minute drive from the office, as it can be very nice to pop home for lunch now and then. 

When I was about to step into the car I looked down at my feet merrily blending with all the golden, mustard and rust coloured leaves and exclaimed:

"It's autumn, I never even noticed!"

Which in fact it isn't, not at least in my mind, as November is a winter month for me. 

November to me means the first snow of the year, nippy temperatures, brightly coloured mittens, the churning sound of footsteps on snow, the fog of your breath in the air and pitchdark mornings and evenings. 

In Finland it would be in September and October that you would begin to see all the leaves changing colour and eventially falling to the ground.

I'm amazed that I didn't notice until now that the autumn has come to Ireland. I feel as if I can't be called a social recluse just yet for it though, as I was on holidays for 10 days in mid/late October, have been busy at work ever since I came back and have been sick for a few days as well.

Going to work it's dark with the exception of the dimly lit streetlights and when I go home there is usually either a drizzle or rain and being tired you tend to focus on getting home as quick as possible and not stop to take in the scenery.

I guess I better start paying attention so I don't miss Christmas too!


  1. första bilden!<3
    Här är det nästan vinter redan!
    Nyfiken på att se vad du designar för nåt också=)

  2. just wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog about lady gaga. I guess you have a point:) But when I was that video of JPG all I could think about is..'this is SO gaga:)' haha


    Ps you're right about the comments just to announce their blog..

  3. Kul att du gillar bilden :D. Jag är avundsjuk på er, ni kommer att få massa massa snö och kan åka pulka! *suck*