Thursday, December 30, 2010

24th of December

If you are dating an Irishman, you face the argument of when to celebrate Christmas. Most of the world agrees with me that Christmas Dinner should be had and presents should be opened on the 24th of December. My boyfriend finds this a strange notion and instead waits until the following day until he lets his festive cheer loose.

As it would be damn near criminal for me to not be allowed to celebrate "My" Christmas, it so was decided that we would celebrate a Finnish Christmas on the 24th and an Irish Christmas on the 25th. In my head I saw all plans of an under-indulgent (as opposed to the usual over-indulgent) Christmas with less calories quickly fade away, but in aftermath I didn't gain as much weight as I had imagined I would. 

I had a wonderful Christmas but it feels as if it passed too quickly. I'm already looking forward to next year's Christmas!! Anyway, here is how my Christmas passed by.

Me and Karl had planned to get up early and have breakfast and start preparing dinner around noon-ish.

We woke up around noon-ish, had a wonderful (but not for the faint hearted) Irish breakfast, and started dinner a lot later than planned.

As it was Christmas the kittens were spoiled and received yummy treats that they gulped down as quickly as possibly, while growling to keep the others at away.

I opened one present before dinner and open the others after dinner. Dinner felt a bit like a catastrophy, as I was supposed to make it, (in order to make it Finnish) but Karl wound up doing it as I got stuck on the phone with my mother for an hour and a half. He constantly urges me to call my mother as I don't keep in contact with her enough, and whenever we do speak we talk for hours and hours. At about 97 minutes I had kept the phonecall short this time!

Dinner didn't quite get captured in photographs, as we were both too eager in gulping it down, much like the kittens with their treats earlier. 

As my stomach settled a bit later in the evening I had some traditionally Christmasy Risgrynsgröt with fruit soup. Basically Rice Pudding with fruit soup. I know that it doesn't look very appetizing in the picture (it never does) but Karl had a taste and thought it was very Christmasy indeed and he quite liked it. 

There was loads of chocolate. Mmmmm. We had gone to IKEA the night before and gotten some Swedish chocolate as well, as this would be the closest thing to the Finnish chocolate I am so used to have during Christmas. 

The rest of the evening was incredibly lazy. Hibernating our behinds on the couch while watching Christmas TV and later spent in bed reading magazines. 

I got Karl a media player and I got a few smaller things, as I had advised Karl that the only thing I wanted for Christmas was a DSLR camera. Money has been a bit tight this Christmas so he promised me I could expect my present in January on payday. 

I can't wait until January!

I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas as we did!


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