Friday, December 17, 2010

I Dream of Toned Arms and a Flat Stomach

I was an incredibly skinny child; flat chested and sticks for arms and legs. As I became a teenager I started getting curves and I grew out of my bony figure. 

As my eating habits have of lately not been the healthiest, I have put on a little extra weight that I have decided it is time to get rid of. Overall I'm quite happy with my figure, as is my fiancée, but I feel I want to tone up and get into shape. 

I've never been into sports and I can find it quite tedious to go to the gym. I have however found the perfect solution for getting into shape: Tracy Anderson!

Tracy Anderson is a trainer that has gotten celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna into fantastic shape. I have been doing one of her workout videos the last couple of days and I am in love with the regimen.

You don't need any fancy workout accessories such as resistance bands or an aerobic board. You need a chair, two cans of soup (substituting weights) and a carpet (making the floor workout comfortable). 

It raises your heartrate, leaves you sweaty, is challenging but still manageable and most importantly; it's fun! It has left me sore, but not sore in the usual "I'm dying" way, as I'm finding myself sore in strange places. She explains that she is targeting your accessory muscles and not the main muscles, as this will create a lean look, that of a dancer.

The video is called "Mat Workout". I am also going to mix in some cardio into my routine by doing her "Dance Cardio Workout" video. 

From the reviews on Amazon, the tapes seem to bring people amazing results. I have taken all my measurements and I will keep an eye on my progress.

And yes, I am fully aware of the fact that I resemble a tomato after a workout.


  1. Hm, låter som något för mig! Jag hatar att gymma, och jag tycker inte heller om att ha gymmande människor runtomkring mig. Men att göra det hemma där ingen ser, kanske! Jag ser fram emot att höra om dina framsteg=)

  2. Du borde definitivt testa den :D. Jag tycker också att det är hemskt när folk ser när man motionerar. Speciellt när man är i ett gym så är alla i tiptop shape och har hur stora muskler som helst, och då sitter man själv där och känner sig fet och vet inte ens hur man använder maskinen.