Sunday, December 19, 2010

Making my Way through the Crowds in the City

Last weekend the snow started melting away and instead the streets got covered with ice.

As little Karl would be going on The Santa Train with his grandfather, me and Karl had to brave the elements and head into City Center.

We took the train in. No Santa appeared on our train though.

When we arrived we had to run to the correct platform but we got there just in time. The Santa Train would be going up the country and back and there would be both music and candy for the kids, if the visit from Santa was not enough.

Me and Karl had a few hours to walk around the city and do some shopping.

We found a flea market held in a dark and strange smelling pub. While I didn't find anything I wanted to buy, I found the smoking area very beautiful. 

The stairs were covered in glitter and the walls of the staircase had a very quirky paint job!

We made our way to the (very) busy shopping streets and saw a multitude of Christmas decorations and cute display windows.

I saw this promotional shot hanging in an Aldo shop window.  

There were too many people and I quickly got bored of trying to move around the overcrowded shops. After purchasing a few items we quickly steered away from the hysteria and had a nice stroll around the town instead. 

I enjoy going into the city as I like the atmosphere of Dublin. I also enjoy all the beautiful buildings and churches that can be found just around every corner. Add Christmas lights and decorations, or even the cozy shine of lights in the dark and I couldn't be happier.

Karl's granddad dropped little Karl off at the end of the night. We all tried to go for something to eat in the city, but we could not decide on where to go, and even if we would have, the queues would have been too long. We were all tired and cold, so we simply headed home instead.

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