Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snow, Snow and even More Snow...

There is still snow in Ireland. The weather forecasts are promising cold temperatures and a continuous snowing over the weekend as well. 

While I have not seen snow in a while and have missed it, there is also a downside: I am not entirely sure if I will be able to get into work tomorrow. All the roads are covered in snow and since this kind of weather does not hit Ireland very often, the country is not prepared for it. 

I still love the snow though!

All the neighbours were looking out their windows when I was doing a snow angel, as if they had never seen anybody do this before!

The biggest bow accessory I've ever had, and it is made of light!

1 comment:

  1. Den första bilden blev jättefin! Väldigt romantisk=)
    Hm, jag trodde snöänglar var något typiskt nordiskt, är det inte så? alltså att det är därför som de stirrade=)