Monday, January 31, 2011


I hate February. Why? Because the longer into the second month of the year we move, the more inappropriate it is considered to leave your Christmas decorations up. I hate to see the holiday go...

That is why I have a bag of Christmas chocolates (you know, the kind that resemble Christmas baubles, that you can hang into your tree) in the far back of my cupboards, that I am desperately clinging on to. 

I keep reaching for a piece of bauble chocolate, but my hand pauses and quickly pulls back: I can't destroy Christmas! I have to wait! I have to take pictures of the Santa Clause chocolate statue on adventures!

Tonight I caved in and had an orange miniature Santa with my Baileys and milk! I prefer my Baileys + Milk combination in a 20/80 ratio as I find Baileys to be a tad strong on its own. 

What do you think of Baileys?

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