Wednesday, January 5, 2011


My boyfriend got me a set of Ceramic hair curlers for Christmas. I have impossibly straight hair and I love the look of curls (you didn't know what you didn't had until you had the total opposite), so I was excited to try them out.

The curlers were very easy to use and they rested easily in my hair as the study metal clips held them in place. 

The curlers were supposed to stay in at least 10 minutes, so I decided to apply makeup while I was waiting, for that va-va-voom end-result. 

The instructions said that coloured or thin hair should use the Medium heat level, but I did not see perfectly sculpted curls when I took all the rollers out. Instead I saw soft curls that fell out after a few minutes. As I said, my hair is impossibly straight, so I don't know if the curls will stay put even if I use a higher heat level next time. I have been thinking about getting a full body wave perm, as I do really like the way I look in curls. I have however been worried about ruining my hair, as a perm is supposedly really bad for your hair.

The quite normal and straight looking end-result, as the curls fell out. I will get them right the next time!!

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