Sunday, January 9, 2011

Finally Finland

In February me and Karl will be flying to Finland (Tampere) via Norway (Oslo). I haven't been in Finland for about 18 months, and Karl on the other hand has never been to my country at all. 

We were able to find cheap flights, so on the 10th of February we will be flying out, returning a few days later on the 15th. 

In anticipation of seeing my country again, I will share some pictures of my hometown, that I have taken from Googlemaps. I come from an incredibly small farmer town, and I live on the real countryside with cows, tractors and everything! I hope you enjoy taking part of where I come from.

This is my mother's house. My parents are divorced and this is the quaint little house where I spent some of my years whilst growing up. Believe it or not, this is located in "city center". As you can see we have a huge yard, and there's more bushes, trees and forms of vegetation than you can count. It looks very lovely in the summer when flowers are blossoming and our apple and cherry trees are covered in colourful fruit. 

This is the house which my grandparents built for their family. I grew up in this house and after the divorce my dad still lives in this house. The yard is big but there are only a few trees and the house is surrounded by fields. Our family owns the surrounding fields but rent them out to local farmers. I didn't know this until only a few years back. When we were small, me and my siblings used to play in the fields and damage the crops, and get yelled at by our parents. 

Here is another view of the house. The second, tiled house, is where my grandparents used to keep their cattle. By cattle, I mean their five or so cows.

It sounds incredibly simple... but I used to play on this rock when I was little. When you are 7 or so, the rock is much bigger than you are, and climbing it can be fun. When I got older I used to climb it with ease, but then sit on top of it, thinking about things.

Here are the family owned fields on which I used to play. At the far end of the field was a little hump, if you may, made of a grass covered dirt. In the winter it was a small adventure for us to travel across the field in order to get to the hump, and sleigh down on our little sleighs. 

 Very recently I also found out that our family owns forest. These woods are close to my dad's. It's handy to own a forest as it means you can get firewoods and a Christmas tree quite easily.

This is where I grew up and spent my childhood. It's quite a small place and quite modest, and I can't say I enjoyed my childhood due to unfortunate things such as bullying in school. Coming home and visiting is however very nice, and seeing everything that once, and still is very familiar makes you very nostalgic. I can't wait to go to Finland and let Karl see everything with me!


  1. Det här ser ut som ett så idylliskt ställe!

  2. Haha, jag antar att det gör det :D. Jag skulle inte vilja bo permanent där, i och med att det är så litet, men på sommaren är det ett litet paradis :D.