Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year - Bring on 2011!!

For New Year's Eve I went to Anni's place in City Center, as she was having a house party. I got home very tired from work that evening and wasn't sure if I would go. Once I got to Anni's flat I was very happy I did though, as it wound up being a really great night (doesn't it always?).

The party was supposed to start at 7.00 PM. We arrived around 9.00 PM with our bag of alcohol. Two bottles of wine (designated for my enjoyment), a vodka and cans of beer (designated for Karl's enjoyment). I had a bottle of wine and Karl had some of the beers, but we left half of them in Anni's flat. The bottle of vodka was smuggled in my bag with us into the bar we headed for at the end of the night. 

Anni was a great host and great fun to take pictures of - as always. 

I have only recently started to like red wine, so I found it funny I was only drinking wine during the night.

I managed to spill some of the wine on my skirt - twice. I know that red wine is supposed to stain like a bitch, so I hope I am able to get it out in the wash.

I unfortunately didn't get any good pictures of us party attendées. There were loads of girls from our desk, me and Karl, as well as Anni's flatmate Dave, and his friend. 

We headed out a little before midnight and I promised all the single girls that I would find guys to give them kisses at midnight. I got one guy to kiss Anna-Karin and we tried to approach an Italian guy that looked like John Travolta, to try and persuade him to give her a kiss as well, but he didn't understand any English, so we didn't bother persuing it. It didn't matter much I guess, as we were all too busy giving each other plentiful of kisses left and right.


We went to Porter House and tried to find half of the gang that had gone missing on the few floors of dancing and drinking. We weren't able to find them, as Anni texted us and said they were in The Porter House, not Porter House. Whoops. 

We got to The Porter House and finally found everybody. I was a bit too wine happy though and was getting really tired. 

I stole a beer menu (don't ask me why) and Karl had a quick drink, but I was just a bit too tipsy and was falling asleep. Hanna takes the same Nightlink bus as we, so we headed out. I sobered up a bit in the night-air and me and Hanna talked and talked in Swedish.

We got home a little before three in the morning.

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