Sunday, January 30, 2011

Other people Got to Dance!

I've been watching Got to Dance lately and enjoyed some of the performances on the show. It has quite frankly been a welcomed change to see something else than singing on TV, as I'm a bit bored of American Idol and their likes. Don't get me wrong: the auditions are great and can be quite entertaining, but after the initial auditions are over, personally I couldn't care less.

As I have no talent in dancing and it is a whole different world to me, it is very enjoyable to see the talent that some of the contestants have.

Got to Dance held their auditions not only in England but also in Ireland. This means that for the first time..... I am able to vote!! Usually the reality shows that get aired in Ireland are from the England and voting has never been open for Irish residents.

The first part of the semi final was on this evening, and while I was not able to find any clips of the three contestants for which I each voted twice for, I did find their initial auditions:

Luke: This little guy was AMAZING! He was able to portray so much emotion in his dancing and I was very moved by every single performance he did. He unfortunately didn't get through to the final.

Chris and Wes: While I was not particularly impressed by this performance, their semi final performance was truly mind blowingly amazing. I'm happy they went through and I'm looking forward to see their next performance in the show.

Alleviate: While I was yet again not too impressed by this performance, they did incredibly well in the semi final and went through to the next stage.

If you happened to catch the show, what did you think?

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