Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stuck in a Rut: Perm or Change of Colour?

My roots are starting to slightly show and it's time for me to start thinking about colouring it again. I'm not quite sure what to do though. I feel as if I'd like to try something new with my hair, but I'm quite happy with the length and don't think I want to cut it. I think I hide behind my hair and I would feel insecure and naked without my "mane". 

I have thought about perming it, like this or this, but it's supposedly very bad for your hair and as I have rather thin hair I'm not sure whether it would turn my hair into straw (i.e lifeless and brittle) or not. 

I have been dying it black for quite a while now and only ventured into colouring it red once. My hair was too dark for the end result to look good as only my roots looked the shade of red I wanted, and for it to look good I would have to bleach it first. I have been thinking about dying it chocolate brown but I think that my base colour would still be too dark, after all my black dyes. 

I haven't gone to the hairdressers for.... 10 years? I cut my own bangs and try to cut split ends as well. It's really coward of me, and a bit boring, but I think that in the end I will just go with continuing to colour it black...

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