Sunday, February 27, 2011


My weekend has been quite paint splattered. Me and Karl have finished the painting in the apartment which we started a couple of weeks ago but never quite finished. We painted the living room purple and painted the hallway white, but had also planned to paint the bedroom and bathroom white. 

What we achieved was painting the bedroom white and left one wall remain lavender. We had to clear out all the clutter and while I was removing my shoes I dropped my blue glittery heels on the paint sheet. I thought it made quite a nice picture. 

We put all the furniture in the middle of the room so it was easy to move about. We also had to cover certain parts of the room in tape as to not get paint on them. The preparation for painting takes a long time!

Karl did most of the painting, but I helped too. I find it a bit difficult to paint actually: You don't want the brush strokes to show once you have finished the painting. 

Friday, February 25, 2011

How many Months until Summer?

I can't believe that it's February and I can already feel the spring in the air. The sun has started to shine brighter, warmer and longer and I seem to get happy quite often when I can feel a light breeze caressing me. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

An Unknown City with Bicycles on the Walls

We didn't have a lot of time (or money) to spend while we were in Norway, but we did have a little nose around in the town and I was able to take some pictures:

Finding a Place to Rest our Heads

When me and Karl went to Oslo we landed at Rygge Airport. We had originally planned to take the shuttle bus from the airport into Oslo City Center and stay at a hostel we had found online. As most people know, Oslo is a quite expensive city to stay in but we the the hostel in Oslo was the cheapest option we had been able to find online. 

As it turned out, we found out that this shuttle bus journey would take an hour and would be very expensive as we would be staying in Oslo on two separate nights and thus each of us would have to take the bus four times.

We landed at the airport and asked the receptionist in the Information desk if there was a hostel near the airport and it turned out there was. The hostel cost about the same as the hostel in the city did, but it was only a 10 minute busride away. 

Not only had our travel arrangements suddenly become a lot easier, but our room was the cutest, quaintest little thing ever!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Not Quite Little Red Riding Hood

I've had an incredibly exhausting day. The good thing was that everybody kept telling me I looked very cute. 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The time for Anticipation

Me and Karl will be flying to Oslo in Norway tomorrow and on Friday we will be in Finland. I have a feeling that Karl is starting to get a bit nervous about meeting my family:


if you dont get a reply from me its because iv run away in total fear of whats ahead for the next 5 days either that or im cleaning the bedroom. please dont forget to bring home the boarding passes

In anticipation of our trip, here are some pictures from when I traveled from Finland to Ireland for the first time:

Saturday, February 5, 2011

BEWARE: Highly Addictive Games

I'm not very much for playing computer games or games online. There are however a few games that turn me into a  compulsively competitive addict, that tries to not only beat my boyfriend's high score, but my own.

Some of these games are for an iPhone, so if you have one: Great! If you don't: Make the person you know has one downloa the game! I hope you will like these games as much as I do.

1. Cut The Rope:

A game with incredibly cute graphics, where a green, big-eyed, big-tongued monster wants candy and it is your job to feed him! Through attaching the candy to swinging ropes, dropping it into bubbles or using other props which have been placed on the screen, your goal is to make the candy drop into the waiting monster's mouth.

The facial expressions of the little monster might just be the best part of the game. It gets sad if you don't feed it candy so you have to try your hardest or you will have to stare at it's sad "puppy dog eyes". 

2. Kycklingstuds

Tiger is having a birthday party but unfortunately he lives on the other side of an island and needs your help in order to get as man of his little chick friends over to his side so that they can all celebrate his birthday. To do this you have the help of a turtle's back, as you have to bounce the little chicks on it's back a number of times, until they safely bounce onto the other side of the island. Drop three chicks and the game is over! Does it sound easy? Well, wait until the chicks start coming faster and faster and you will see that it is not only a bit of a challenge but highly addictive. 

You can find the game Here.

3. Flowerz

While there is an online version of this game, me and Karl prefer the iPhone version. The graphics are better and overall it just feels more pleasant to play this version. There is a free version you can download for your iPhone which allows you to play 12 levels until it goes back to level one. Me and Karl have turned it into an artform when it comes to playing this game and trying to get as high of a score as possible, in the possible 12 levels. We need to upgrade to the full version, as we spend every lunch at work playing it. It only costs a couple of dollars as far as I know, so it's not expensive; we just never got around to upgrading it.

The concept of the game is to place flowers of the same colour in rows consisting of three or more. When you do this they disappear leaving either an empty space or a new flower in the colour of the inner colour of the flower.

You can find the online (slightly different) version Here.

 4. Paper Glider

Possibly the least exciting game of the ones mentioned here, but still highly addictive. The game is only available for iPhones and the task at hand is that you need to drag and release a paper plane in such a manner that it doesn't hit any of the office ceiling fans, goes out through the window, and it is then your job to keep it going for as long as possible. 

Which ones are your favourite games? Do you have a similar kind of addictive game that you play? By all means, do share as I am happy to learn of new addictive games!

Mustard is my favourite condiment and possibly also colour

In a couple of days I will finally be back in Finland for a visit. It feels a bit strange that I haven't been home to my family for almost two years but I am very excited to be able to go back for a three day visit. As both our inbound and outbound flight were booked with one night's stay in Oslo, me and Karl will also see a little bit of Norway on our trip. 

The last time I went home for a visit I had a lot of presents with me. It consisted mostly of goodies; chocolates and crisps and things of that nature. I also had a few items with me from an Irish souvenir shop so that they could have something to always keep from Ireland. 

This time I have a few birthday/Christmas presents that I can finally bring home with me, and I assume they will be cranky with me unless I bring the usual batch of sweets. I was in the supermarket today though and I found the following two products:

I don't know about you guys, but personally I am mad about mustard. I prefer the Finnish mustard over the English mustard though, not only because of the taste but I also find the practice of selling mustard in such small volumes to be a crime. The Finnish mustard which my mother sent over from Finland stands proudly in our fridge, in all it's 1 liter glory!

As soon as I saw these two products on the supermarket shelves I knew that I had to buy them! I bought two of each kind, as my parents are divorced and I figured I couldn't just buy one for them to share. I expect the Irish mustard to not taste too outrageously different, but I am very curious as to how the wholegrain mustard with Guinness will taste.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Stripes and Neon Colours

 While I felt that I was channeling Pippi Longstocking at the beginning of the week, it appears that I have unintentionally dressed according to the TV Test Screen today.