Thursday, February 24, 2011

Finding a Place to Rest our Heads

When me and Karl went to Oslo we landed at Rygge Airport. We had originally planned to take the shuttle bus from the airport into Oslo City Center and stay at a hostel we had found online. As most people know, Oslo is a quite expensive city to stay in but we the the hostel in Oslo was the cheapest option we had been able to find online. 

As it turned out, we found out that this shuttle bus journey would take an hour and would be very expensive as we would be staying in Oslo on two separate nights and thus each of us would have to take the bus four times.

We landed at the airport and asked the receptionist in the Information desk if there was a hostel near the airport and it turned out there was. The hostel cost about the same as the hostel in the city did, but it was only a 10 minute busride away. 

Not only had our travel arrangements suddenly become a lot easier, but our room was the cutest, quaintest little thing ever!

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