Thursday, February 3, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I discussed houses and interior design with a colleague at work today. I said that my dream house is decorated in a Victorian style with influences of a countryside charm.

In other words: if I had a house I wished it looked something along the lines of this:

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  1. Love the kitchens. How great would it be to have a great big country kitchen where people could come visit and have a chat while you were cooking. There would be two cats there too. I would never use the living room:)

  2. Åh, så fint! :O

    Svar: Ja, lila är så fint! Är en av mina favoritfärger då den delar första-plats med svart :D

  3. I have the cat part down already as I have 3 cats, but I just need the country home and kitchen!

    Svart är fint också men jag verkar dränka mitt rum och mig själv med färger :D.