Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mustard is my favourite condiment and possibly also colour

In a couple of days I will finally be back in Finland for a visit. It feels a bit strange that I haven't been home to my family for almost two years but I am very excited to be able to go back for a three day visit. As both our inbound and outbound flight were booked with one night's stay in Oslo, me and Karl will also see a little bit of Norway on our trip. 

The last time I went home for a visit I had a lot of presents with me. It consisted mostly of goodies; chocolates and crisps and things of that nature. I also had a few items with me from an Irish souvenir shop so that they could have something to always keep from Ireland. 

This time I have a few birthday/Christmas presents that I can finally bring home with me, and I assume they will be cranky with me unless I bring the usual batch of sweets. I was in the supermarket today though and I found the following two products:

I don't know about you guys, but personally I am mad about mustard. I prefer the Finnish mustard over the English mustard though, not only because of the taste but I also find the practice of selling mustard in such small volumes to be a crime. The Finnish mustard which my mother sent over from Finland stands proudly in our fridge, in all it's 1 liter glory!

As soon as I saw these two products on the supermarket shelves I knew that I had to buy them! I bought two of each kind, as my parents are divorced and I figured I couldn't just buy one for them to share. I expect the Irish mustard to not taste too outrageously different, but I am very curious as to how the wholegrain mustard with Guinness will taste.

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  1. sv: Hej! Ja absolut. Vet bara inte när den blir klar, men kan ju skriva till dig då :]