Sunday, February 27, 2011


My weekend has been quite paint splattered. Me and Karl have finished the painting in the apartment which we started a couple of weeks ago but never quite finished. We painted the living room purple and painted the hallway white, but had also planned to paint the bedroom and bathroom white. 

What we achieved was painting the bedroom white and left one wall remain lavender. We had to clear out all the clutter and while I was removing my shoes I dropped my blue glittery heels on the paint sheet. I thought it made quite a nice picture. 

We put all the furniture in the middle of the room so it was easy to move about. We also had to cover certain parts of the room in tape as to not get paint on them. The preparation for painting takes a long time!

Karl did most of the painting, but I helped too. I find it a bit difficult to paint actually: You don't want the brush strokes to show once you have finished the painting. 


  1. men åh, för fina skor! sv: ja hur kul som helst, blev helt överraskad! :)

  2. Tack :D. Det tycker jag också, men jag har faktiskt inte använt de ännu. Blåa glitttriga skor med rosett är ju bara för underbart.

  3. Hello.

    Where are your blue shoes from please?
    They are perfect for my wedding :)


  4. Hi Hayley,

    I bought the shoes from eBay but they're from a brand called "Office". I'm not sure how easily you would be able to find a similar pair because I think they were sold as an old pair of shoes.

    Maybe you could buy some blue shoes, coat them with glue and sprinkle glitter on them and also put a bow in the front? :)

  5. Thanks a lot for your help. I will search Office! hayley x

  6. I hope you find some nice shoes :D. Congratulations for getting married btw!