Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dark Colours and Bright Shoes

Sometimes it can be fun to mix patterns that seem to go together, even though they shouldn't. Yesterday I braved the morning fog and dressed in this short swallow print dress with my favourite cardigan and wore my mustard heels for the first time.

I think it's a sure tell tale sign that summer is approaching when it's possible to wear open toe strappy sandals and not suffer from toes falling off.

Away, Away to the New Place we Go

I haven't been able to post in what feels like a decade. While I have felt frustrated not beeing able to post anything, I simply have not had the time. I think the pictures below will quite clearly show what I have been up to.

I have been busy moving! I have been very excited about the move but didn't mention anything about it before, as I thought the new place seemed too good to be true, and didn't want to be excited until I had actually moved in. As you can see from the last picture, even our cats were excited and voluntarily packed themselves into boxes.

Now that I have marked my territory with my multitude of junk, I will have to give you a tour of the place as soon as I can. As it usually goes, I will be stuck without internet in the new place for what I am sure will feel like millenniums, so posting will be somewhat limited. In the meantime I will be sneaking in entries at work.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Emerald Isle

It's Saint Patrick's Day and most of the Irish population have gone down in flocks to the pub to have a few.

I was working late today and the most interesting thing me and Karl did was to go into three of our local pubs after work, only to see that they were all too crowded and head back home.

In the lack of any interesting St. Paddy's celebrations, we can have a look at some pictures of Ireland instead.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

There was Beer, Laughter and Dancing

As promised, here are the rest of the pictures from our night out on Friday. 

I was editing all of the pictures on Saturday and as I always give descriptive names to my pictures before I upload them, I for some reason seemed to have forgotten it was on Friday we went out so half of them say Saturday and the other half say Friday.

We all went to the pub after finishing at work, so some arrived there before others. Karl went over with Anna Karin and Hanna. We all had a few drinks and some people had a bite to eat.

Karl only stayed for a few hours. He had to leave for his Team Night Out which was in City Center. We all agreed that we would follow him in a bit later in the evening, but for some reason we just wound up staying where we were.

Anni with Tuomas in the background. The two of them along with me are the ICOs on our Desk. We're all Finnish so the Desk I work on has a Finnish ICO Team!

Anni, Anna Karin and Ossi. Ossi is from Finland and will be in Ireland for three months and help out on the Finnish Desk.

I'm not even going to explain what this is more than saying that it is The Travelling Lama!

Hanna was either really drunk or likes to pose for pictures because I took an endless amount of pictures of her.

A lot of the pictures which I took later on when it became dark became blurry, as I still need to learn how to use my camera properly. The effect of it was nice in some pictures though, like this one.

I like this picture of Anna Karin but I can't really explain why. 

I don't know why we don't go out more often from work. We definately should because it was a lot of fun.

 We stayed out until about one o'clock while some people left a bit earlier for various reasons. Sampsa only arrived later in the evening but everybody loved him. I was dancing along with him and Anna Karin in front of the band for a good while, and the singer kept taking pictures of us. I can only imagine what those will look like. 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

When We all Went to the Irish Pub on Friday

Most of the Scandinavian people from my Desk at work went out yesterday. We met up after work at a pub which I had been to once before. While I thought we would only stay for a few drinks, most of us wound up staying the whole night.

While these are only a few pictures and there will be more tomorrow, my official excuse is that I'm heading out into City Center for Natacha's Birthday Party. The real reason is that all of these were taken with a flash, while the others were not, and I simply couldn't arrange for them to appear in a segment that allowed me to keep the atmosphere that I wanted. 

So, here is a preview on how much fun we had, and you can see the rest tomorrow!

Anna Karin is kissing... what appears to be me, on the cheek.

Tomi and Tuula in the background with me and Hanna in one of the million pictures we took together.

Anni had a beautiful set of freshly coloured locks.

Anna Karin got a bit frisky and molested some of us during the night. I like her cheeky grin in this picture.

Sampsa joined us at the end of the night. I don't really know him that much as he is quite new on our Desk, but he is a lot of fun to be around and seems to have an endless amount of energy.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

You can Never get Enough Bows in your Life

I came home today to find that I had received this adorable ring in the post. Purchased from eBay, it is amazingly cute and I think it will be adoring my fingers quite a lot in the future. 

While I love the bow part of the ring, it is a bit disappointing that it is in a gold colour as I prefer jewelery in silver. It is a bow though and I really could not have enough of bows!

Surrounded by a Million Snowflakes

Here are a few more pictures I took in Finland close to where I went to school.