Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Back in Finland with the Boyfriend in tow

We stayed in Oslo for one night and flew to Tampere later in the following evening. As we arrived in a for me familiar Tampere, we hopped on the bus and spent the entire bus journey frantically looking at the time, as we were worried that we might not make it in time to the railway station in order to catch the last train to Vaasa. 

The flight had landed early so we got a bit of leeway, but the train wound up being about 20 minutes delayed due to the cold weather. We bought our tickets and bought two rye bread sandwhiches from the little kiosk which is located in the railway station. I didn't know I had missed rye bread as much as I did! 

The train ride was about 2,5-3 hours and we had to change train once. I was feeling very nervous as it would be strange to see my family again after not seeing them for so long, and because I didn't know what it would be like for my family and Karl to meet. 

My dad picked us up from Vaasa and we drove through isolated landscape which was covered in snow and only slightly visible in the pitch dark, as we headed to my little village. 

Back at my mom's place my mother made Karl coffee and we had a little bite to eat. My mother kept saying that we should go early to bed as we would be going back into town the following afternoon for some bargain hunting in flea markets. We wound up talking a lot though as there seemed to be just one more thing I had to tell her before we went to bed. I think it was around one o'clock before we crawled in under the duvets in my room. 

It hadn't been so bad for my boyfriend to meet my family after all. The visit was however not over, and there would be plenty of other family members to meet over the following few days.


  1. Hejsan Sorella!
    Kom helt random in på din blogg, vad kul att se var du är nuför tiden och vad du sysslar med! :)

    Ha det bra!

  2. Så roligt att du hittade hit :D.