Saturday, March 5, 2011

Home is Where My Family Lives without Me

I have already showed you some pictures of what the town I come from looks like in the summer/autumn, you can find the entry Here

I had planned to take a gazillion of beautiful pictures of snowy landscapes while I was home visiting, but it did not quite turn out that way. There were no trips to deep forests to take shots of deep untouched snow and majestic trees. I had also wanted to walk around Vaasa and take some pictures, but this did not go as I had planned either. 

On Saturday, the day after we had arrived, me, Karl and my bother did go into Vaasa and we spent the whole day walking around flea markets. We also met up with my mother's twin sister, her husband and their children and went to a restaurant to enjoy a nice meal. I was carrying around my camera in my bag all day, but I was too excited at the flea markets (I have missed them so much!) to remember to take it out, and as we were walking around the town I was too cold to even consider taking it out. It was freezing!

Living on the country side there is plenty of things to photograph on your typical yard though, so I had a little excursion on our yard!

This is my mother's car. It's an old Mercedes from the 60's or 70's and is in a mustard coloured box shape, and has leopard print covered seats. In the back of the car you can see home knitted mittens, a sun bleached First Aid Kit and loudspeakers. The car is parked in a little garage type building that we have on our yard. One half of it is a garage, as seen here, but the other part is a little apartment with a room, bathroom and kitchen. My older brother used to live there but has since moved out. I think we just have a lot of stuff stored there at the moment.

This is a "motorvärmare". I had tried to explain many times to Karl what it does, but he never understood. Translated it is a engine heater, and it runs with a timer. You connect your car with a cable into this plug, set the timer and voilá: it will have your car engine nicely heated in the morning, making it possible for you to actually start it in the freezing cold winter mornings. Karl took the picture of it because he thought it was cool. Funny how such a (for me) every day item is exotic to him.

These are the apple trees. There are also some bushes growing beside them which have berries on them, but I forgot which type of berries they are. We also have a few cherry trees scattered around on the yard.

And finally, this is our house. It needs painting but I find it incredibly adorable even with the chipped paint facade.

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