Monday, April 25, 2011

Neon Lights, Balloons and Little Children

I haven't done anything noteworthy this Easter other than watching movie marathons in bed and drinking cider.

Let's liven up the mood by looking at some pictures I took a couple of weeks ago at a Christening party.

Corina looked pretty in a 60's style dress.

The ceiling was colourful and very fun to look at!

Karl and his cousin Jessica.

The Christening was for Mark (Karl's brother) and Karen's baby Leah, and the pub in which the party was held had made a very sweet Cocktail Menu which included their names in the names of the drinks.

Jessica was a bundle of joy and a treat to watch on the dancefloor. She is so adorable!

Paul lights up the room.

Tony and Karl were trying to outshine each other in the art of wearing a hat.

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