Thursday, May 26, 2011

Anni X 3 on Anni's 22nd

The hostel party that Anni hosted in honor of her birthday did not quite turn out as I had expected. I had thought that it would be kept in a bare room with bunk beds and that we would all be sneaking in, with the large risk of getting thrown out at any part of the evening looming over our heads at all times. 

It turned out to be kept in the lobby of the hostel though, and there was no sneaking around. What a laid back and nice hostel, to allow the guests to bring friends that are loud and carry wine with them!

In case you were wondering what kind of awesomeness was written into Anni's beautiful birthday card, then you can have a read above!

Agent Anni was there. I have only recently gotten to know her but she is fun! ICO Anni took this picture, as she was also present!

Pilvi was there and we played paparazzi.

Birthday girl Anni was camera shy and didn't want pictures taken of her. She looked pretty either way though.

Everybody brought a bottle of wine and so we sat around in the lounge talking and drinking red wine. Talking + red wine = Never Fails.

Unfortunately I had to be boring and leave early and there were a lot of sad faces and hugging going around as we tried to tear ourselves apart from each other. 

It was a lot of fun to be out with both Pilvi, Anni, Anni and... Anni. I wonder if we would have even more fun if me and Pilvi changed our names to Anni?!

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