Saturday, May 21, 2011

Current Events turn Personal

If you have been following the news lately, there might have been a mention of something which has been a very hot topic in Ireland: Queen Elizabeth II has been visiting Ireland for a number of days. I haven't really been following the whole ordeal in the media, but as far as I'm aware it is her first visit to Ireland. Due to politics and the troubled past between England and Ireland she has not set foot in this country until now, and not all people have been happy that she decided to do so.

There has been a lot of hassle for the people living in City Center, as there has been delays and changes in the train and bus schedules. There has also been parking bans and people have been urged to only travel in to the city by public transport. There were a few squeals from Anni as she learned that the Queen would visit Croke Park Stadium and was worried about encountering agressive people with bombs on her way home, as she lives a stone's throw from the Stadium.

As I left work yesterday I saw five massive monster helicopters chopping through the air. I doubt the Queen travels via Army Helicopter, but they must have been a part of the security measures that the country took in order to ensure the Queen would be safe. 

 It's certainly not every day that you see helicopters like this!

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