Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I will see you again some day

I'm the kind of person that feels incomplete leaving the house with a teeny tiny clutch, as I'm the type that has an overwhelming need to carry everything I own with me at all times.

The last couple of days I have however done something out of character and sported a little pouch flung over my shoulder instead of the usual medium sized bag. The fact that I have carried a shopper bag with me to hold my lunch, book and water bottle has been of help as there is no way my cutesy little pouch would be able to hold these items. At least I have not started hyperventilating at the idea of not being able to carry trash, old receipt and two different types of deodorant with me though.

I've had this cute little bag for quite some time now, but due to it's size it has not yet been seen outside the immediate area that is surrounding my wardrobe. When I saw it I felt I had to buy it, as it featured a bow, was in lovely rust colour and was made of suede.

It appears I made a wise decision in purchasing it, as it has been with me the last couple of days and surely will for many more. The little sweetheart holds my brush, ample make up supply, iPod, phone, chewing gum and a small perfume bottle. What else would a girl need at work?

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