Thursday, June 16, 2011

Slumber-Party-BBQ, Canoeing and Absinthe makes for a Deadly Weekend

I am sure that you have been able to see from a few of my recent postings that I am yearning for sun. As the Irish summer can be a bit of a let down, I have not been holding my breath for any fantastic summer weather.

All the moaning (not only from me but also by fellow country men and women) seems to have paid off as the last two weeks have been truly wonderful. The weekend before last was the first few days to feature a brightly burning sun and everybody went crazy buying lots of alcohol that the stores were churning out to the masses at discounted prices, and planning barbecues.

Darren is a friend I made at my last workplace and while we get on and gossip about things left, right and center, we have not seen each other for well over a year. Said friend decided that as I had broken up with my boyfriend and been stuck in a large remote house on my own with said ex, I was in serious need of getting out and having a lot of fun!

There were talks of a roadtrip and camping, but the final verdict was that I was going to get dragged to a barbecue at his friend's house. 

Along came Friday and Darren picked me up from work. We drove to his friend's house and settled down around the neon coloured paddling pool which had been purchased in honor of the lovely weather. We sat in the warm sun drinking cold drinks and reluctantly started putting on layers of clothing as the sun retired into the horizon. 

There were a few rounds of hamburgers and different types of meat, but I enjoyed the drunken batch the most, as it was past midnight and we were all crouching over the table, in the dark, clawing at the food and stuffing our faces like hamsters. 

We lit a fire as it got late and sat around the welcoming warmth as we continued talking. I think I was put under a sailor spell as I can't recall ever telling that many dirty jokes/stories in one evening. Most of us staid up until around four in the morning but people retired to bed one by one and eventually so did I. 

P.S. Deadly is Irish slang and means "cool".

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