Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sexy Heels, Stupid Gravel

I wore this apple green Brodeire Anglaise dress for the very first time the other day. Not only is it terribly cute but also one of the few dresses I have in green! The shoes that got the honours for this outfit were a pair of chunky black wedge heels. 

I have worn them once before and know that I am fully capable of walking in them, even though they are one of the highest heels I own. Unfortunately and embarrassingly enough I managed to do something that I have never done before though: I fell while walking in these heels! Fortunately there was nobody to witness my embarrassing incident, other than Karl, and I had thankfully not broken or sprained anything in my fall. I did scrape my knee though and ripped my tights... The ones on the knees would not have been so bad, but I felt embarrassed about the big gaping hole from which my toes were poking out! I firmly blame the gravel I was walking on though and not the shoes. The shoes are sexy and cannot be blamed!

I am a bit in love with the cardigan as it not only features cherries but also a tiny and adorable polka dot pattern in green. The only bad thing about the cardigan is that it has such short sleeves and sometimes in the heavily air conditioned office I will feel chilly.

I can't get over how cute this necklace is! The tiny little flowers look so delicate.

As you can see it was very windy when these pictures were taken!


  1. Oooh, I really love your outfit!

  2. i would love to put my head up your billowing dress and kiss you through your tights

  3. you are so fuckable in that windy dress