Wednesday, October 5, 2011

You can Never go Wrong with Purple Lipstick

Wow... Has it really been two months since my last posting? 

After the breakup and after I moved into my new place it felt nice being able to have some space, being able to be alone and gather my thoughts. I felt that I needed a break from blogging. I didn't quite mean to stay away this long though!

I'm peekaboo-ing in to state I am still alive! 

The pictures are from a few weeks ago when I was bored on a Sunday evening and decided to play around with a lipstick, dark eye makeup and my camera!


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  2. Thanks for stopping by our blog! Love the purple lips and those are some great pics of you :)

  3. You are GORGEOUS! Oh goodness, I remember when I was obsessed with my purple lip gloss. It was my proudest possession, and I wore it constantly! That was so long ago. But I'll have to get some more now, you've inspired me!


  4. Aaaaaaw, what a wonderful thing to say ^_^. Ze dark lips are quite addictive I think, go out and get the lip gloss and you shan't look back!!